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Sofia Consulting

Sofia Consulting 2008 Ltd aims to facilitate the establishment of companies in Bulgaria.

We offer investment opportunities in various sectors (renewable energy, infrastructure, industry), based upon our best knowledge of the situation in the country's social, economic, administrative and political aspects.

The company operates in two directions:

  • Public sector/public errands/:
    Training and consulting on tender documental procedures for public errands.
    Management of EU funds and subsidies.
    Mediation for cooperation and exchange among different companies.
    Management of funding from international institutions.
    Financial Advisory.
    Technical and legal assistance.
  • Private sector (companies in the industry and services):
    Representation of companies, mostly Bulgarian and Spanish, to international industrial and financial investors for completing of joint projects
    Feasibilit/ primary research and implementation of projects for renewable energy
    Consulting on EU programs
    Technical, legal, tax and financial advice
    Market analysis with a focus on preferential industrial sectors.
    Reports on the political, economic and market situation in the country.